Including the Bakken and Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, with activity in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s operating and producing wells are centered in the Williston Basin, with other operated and non-operated wells in various regions and basis.

Stephens Production Company

Operated wells and drilling activities are primarily in the following areas:

  • Central and Northern Oklahoma (Logan and Woods counties), Bakken (North Dakota)
  • Approximately 41 operated working interest wells throughout these and other areas

Non-Operated wells and drilling activities are primarily in the following areas

  • Bakken (North Dakota)
  • Southeast Texas Woodbine
  • Eagle Ford
  • Permian
  • Mississippian Stack (Logan and Woods counties, Oklahoma)
  • Approximately 342 non-operated working interest wells in these and other areas
  • SPC, as operator, has drilled more than 1,000 wells and has participated in another 1,200 wells as a non-operator partner.

Mid-Stream Assets

  • Stephens Production Company owns 385 miles of oil, natural gas and saltwater disposal pipelines in Oklahoma

Calypso Exploration, LLC

Non-operated activities

  • Delta House Project – located in approximately 5,200 feet of water 130 miles southeast of New Orleans, this deep-water Gulf of Mexico operation is located in the Mississippi Canyon Area. Calypso also owns a minority interest in the Delta House Floating Production System
  • GoMex Platform – located on the Gulf of Mexico shelf with wells in the Vermilion Area: South Addition. The platform is currently producing oil and gas from nine wells
  • Total of 25 non-operated working interest wells, 12 of which are deep water wells
  • Participated in over 30 exploration and development well projects in the Gulf of Mexico to date


Stephens Natural Resources recognizes the risks inherent in our efforts to find and produce clean and reliable energy. We are committed to conducting operations utilizing processes and technology which are worker, customer and environmentally responsible. “Safety is the responsibility of every member of the SNR team” is an attitude which begins at the top levels of management and is instilled in our workforce through rigorous review of our policies and procedures, regularly scheduled training and implementation of industry best practices.


  • What is the contact information for any questions concerning environmental or safety issues related to SNR’s operations or employees?
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  • Does SNR have a contact for questions related to pipeline safety or integrity issues?
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